Wordt ook donateur en help ons helpen !

Burnley Plumbing Supplies Limited  Alles voor de badkamer, sanitair en verwarming

Fortunate  Software en website

Lilytownradio  Internet Radio

Amstreade advies  accountant en administaratie

De Autozaak

Danstudio WB  Dans en party center

Dierenkliniek Jol de dierenarts voor uw gezeltschaps dieren

Growcenter noord Biologische tuinbouw,  kweek en hulpmiddelen

Fenneke Koster-Joenje  Notariaat te Lelystad

De Schans  19-33 – 8231 KA – Lelystad  tel. 0320 707475

De notaris,  waar onze stichtings statuten zijn



2 Responses to Donateurs

  1. Diegoo says:

    While re-reading these words, we think it is very important to state what we have lereand from the experience described above. This can best be defined in three key points:1) Stichting Angels should do more. The fact that Room to Read received the donorship of the retailer is because they are better organised then we are. It is as simple as that. If we want to be compared to an organisation like Room to Read, we should step up our game.2) We should not strive to look for quick wins in terms of donations. Even though it might be tempting to receive funding from a company/donor who is really eager to give, it might not turn out to be the best match. Therefore Stichting Angels should always make sure that a donation fits the way it thinks about helping. If there is no match on that level then no’ is a perfectly acceptable answer.3) We are a nonprofit, not a corporation. As stated above we believe in business plans and processes to make our organisation more effective but will not let a business approach dominate what we do. Words like poverty’ and hunger’ cannot be worded in an elevator pitch or business plan and we shouldn’t start by doing so.We are more than open to hear your ideas and comments on this post.

  2. Alexis says:

    Lieve Shirley, wat een prachtige wtiebse heb je gemaakt. Ontroerend, persoonlijk en ik herken jou in de stijl van schrijven, in de vormgeving en de kleuren. Ik wens je nog heel veel succes en voldoening met en van het werk dat je doet binnen Stichting Ankie. X

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